Food Deliveries via Car

Due to high demand, we have already added the GrabFood Car service type to the accounts of our driver-partners.

Here are essential things you need to know about GrabFood Car during this trial period:

Peak Hours

Fare & Commission

  • The minimum fare for all GrabFood Car deliveries will vary from city to city (Please refer to in-app message on fares and incentive structure)
  • All GrabFood Car deliveries are 0% commission

Before toggling on GrabFood Car, please ensure you:

  • Have plastic containers or baskets to store food orders in your car
  • Please sanitise the baskets or plastic containers as frequently as possible

When picking up a GrabFood order from restaurants, please ensure you:

  • Find parking and then head to the restaurant or store location to pick up the order
  • If you are unable to find parking, please find a good area to wait and call the restaurant or store using the phone number in the pick-up instructions
  • You MUST place the food order in the plastic container or baskets on front passenger seat

When delivering the GrabFood Order to customers, please ensure you:

  1. You always make the effort to deliver to their doorsteps whenever it’s possible because GrabFood has always been a door-to-door delivery service.
  2. If you have to deliver to a condominium or office building, and there are no available parking spots nearby and/or you are not allowed to go up to deliver, please send them the following GrabChat message (we recommend to add it to your GrabChat template):
  • (ENG) Hi, I am a Grabcar driver delivering your food order. Can you please come down to the lobby to collect your order? Thank you!
  • (BM) Hai, saya menghantar pesanan anda menggunakan kereta. Sila datang ke lobi untuk mengambilnya. Terima kasih!
  • (ZH) 您好,我是一名使用汽车为您送餐的司机伙伴,请您来到大厅领取您的食物。谢谢!

We strongly urge you to go through the training materials to be fully prepared. Click the button below to start.

Important notes:

  • Fares and incentives are subject to change during this trial period
  • If Grab receives reports of food orders that are not stored in the plastic container or basket, we will investigate and disciplinary actions will be taken.


I don’t have a container yet. Can I start delivering food first?

NO. You MUST place the food in a delivery storage container. If we receive any reports of you not doing so, we will have to suspend your GrabCar and GrabFood accounts.

Why am I not getting any GrabFood jobs? How are GrabFood jobs allocated to motorcycles vs cars?

Most GrabFood jobs happen during lunch and dinner hours (11AM – 3PM and 5PM – 9PM). Be online during these hours to receive orders.

Currently, GrabFood jobs will first be allocated to bike delivery-partners before driver-partners. As we push more demand for GrabFood orders (through more restaurants and promotions) in this period, we expect driver-partners to benefit from this overall increased demand.

Will I get non-halal orders?

No, for now, you will only receive orders from halal restaurants.

Why do we not get GrabFood delivery bags? How do I get the delivery containers?

As this is a special period, we are not requiring driver-partners to get GrabFood delivery bags to ensure we are able to serve the higher demand together. We still require all driver-partners to place food packages in a special food container / basket to ensure it is not placed together with any other items.

You can find the delivery containers in any hypermarket (Aeon, Giant, Tesco).

I got a booking for a restaurant / customer in a condo with no parking. Can I cancel my booking?

We advise you to not cancel the booking as this will result in unpleasant customer experience. You can write in through here to let us know about this restaurant and we will blacklist the restaurant accordingly.

I had to pay for parking to collect my orders. Can I get reimbursed?

Yes, you can submit claims for parking charges here and we will reimburse you. However, do note that you can only claim of up RM10 per receipt.

The customer / restaurant refused to come to the car to pick up / drop off.

We are sorry to hear that. On certain occasions, restaurants might not be able to drop off the order at your car as the restaurant might be busy with orders. In these cases, we seek your help to find a parking spot and pick up the order. However, if we receive repeated complaints about specific restaurants, we will investigate accordingly.

Should I turn off my GrabCar service type? Will I get a back-to-back job with GrabCar?

No, we encourage you to keep both GrabCar and GrabFood Car service type on so you can maximize your chances of getting a job (whether Food or Car).

When you get a car passenger, we encourage you to keep your Food container either at the front seat or in the trunk. Please ensure the container is kept in a clean place and does not come into contact with other non-Food items.

Can I have more than one person in the car?

No, we discourage having more than 1 person in the car as you may get another car booking. And you are not allowed to have an extra passenger in the car while conducting transport booking.

What should I do when the restaurant is closed when I get there?

Please call Customer Support at 1300 80 6060 to cancel your order and report it to us here so we can make it unavailable to order on the customer’s app. Choose ‘Outlet’ > ‘Issue regarding Outlet’ > ‘Merchant closed’.

For how long can I deliver GrabFood orders?
We expect this to continue for some time. We will assess the situation accordingly and provide an update soon.

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