Changing my vehicle info (GRABCAR)


Changing my vehicle info

Inform us immediately if you have changed to a new car or car plate number, this ensures the right information is presented to your passengers, so they are able to find your car. Do not use an unregistered vehicle and ensure your vehicle changes below is for long term use.

The EVP application for new plate changes will take up to 14 working days *(Not applicable to East Malaysia). We’ll inform you via phone call or email before proceeding to change your registered vehicle once we have successfully received your updated EVP.

GrabCar – MultiCity Feature

By using this feature, all the account details are linked to your Home City. Please make sure all the details changes, such as registered vehicle are updated when you are located in your Home City. Otherwise, the changes won’t be reflected until you are back in your Home City.

Here’s how you should upload your photo:

1. Insurance cover note

2. Roadtax

Tips for an Approved Road Tax!

The uploaded image needs to be clear and unobstructed.

Fill up the form below and upload the required document for your vehicle update:

  • Insurance cover note with registered driver’s name
    Note: If Insurance Cover Note does not contain your name, provide either one of the following document (Handwritten letter will not be accepted):

    • Endorsement Letter from Insurance Company
    • Authorization Letter from Vehicle owner (Signed by owner)
    • Authorization Letter from Company (Signed by company)
  • Car Rental Agreement (if you are using a car rental)
  • Grant & Road Tax
  • New plate number

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