Changing my vehicle info (GRABCAR)



Changing my vehicle info

Inform us immediately if you have changed to a new car or car plate number, this ensures the right information is presented to your passengers, so they are able to find your car. Do not use an unregistered vehicle and ensure your vehicle changes below is for long term use.

The EVP application for new plate changes will take up to 14 working days *(Not applicable to East Malaysia). We’ll inform you via phone call or email before proceeding to change your registered vehicle once we have successfully received your updated EVP.

GrabCar – MultiCity Feature

By using this feature, all the account details are linked to your Home City. Please make sure all the details changes, such as registered vehicle are updated when you are located in your Home City. Otherwise, the changes won’t be reflected until you are back in your Home City.

Here’s how you should upload your photo:

1. Insurance cover note

2. Roadtax

Tips for an Approved Road Tax!

The uploaded image needs to be clear and unobstructed.

Fill up the form below and upload the required document for your vehicle update:

  • Insurance cover note with registered driver’s name
    Note: If Insurance Cover Note does not contain your name, provide either one of the following document (Handwritten letter will not be accepted):

    • Endorsement Letter from Insurance Company
    • Authorization Letter from Vehicle owner (Signed by owner)
    • Authorization Letter from Company (Signed by company)
  • Car Rental Agreement (if you are using a car rental)
  • Grant & Road Tax
  • New plate number


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GrabFoods Merchant [Video Tutorial]

🎥 How to use your GrabFood App [Training ENG]

🎥 How to Create a Promotion[如何自行建立优惠]

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GrabFoods商家 [视频教学]

GrabFoods商家 新的Username 登入方法

了解如何使用您的GrabFood 商家应用程序 [中文]

🎥 How to use your GrabFood App [Training ENG]

🎥 How to Create a Promotion[如何自行建立优惠]


GRABFOOD商家 添加新产品

GRABFOO商家 设置加料选项 Add on

GRABFOOD商家 添加打包盒收费

GRABFOOD商家 设置产品分量选项

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E-hailing Vehicle Permit (EVP) Cancellation

If You Don’T Want To Grab Or Want To Stop E-Hailing Commercial Vehicles

🔴 First Step
Need To Fill In Email
Apply For A Letter From Grab Company Except Evp


🔴 Second Step

Go To Puapakom For Car Inspection
Vehicle Inspection Category B2 (The Purpose Of Replacing The Vehicle)
💲Fee Rm30
The Main Thing Is The Transparency Of The Car Mirror
After The Inspection, You Can Get The Report On The Spot


🔴 Step Three

After Completion, You Can Go To Jpj To Update A New Roadtax And It Will Be Done.

  • Need To Bring
    • GRAB Letter (First Step)
    • B2 Vehicle Inspection Certificate (Second Step)


⚫ Electric Photos For Commercial Vehicles Over Three Years Must Be Inspected Every Year Before They Can Get Out Of Roadtax
Just Follow The Above Steps To Change Back To A Normal Car


Advise All Friends
Don’T Wait Until The Last Day When Roadtax Expires.


Driver Account Termination Letter : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1v08POM9JwYvIGNoWu3GfXj67FiodJXD_/view?usp=sharing

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Introducing GrabExpress Car

On-demand bulk delivery service, now on four wheels!

We foresee that many more Malaysians will be in need of our services. In order to help meet this demand we are launching GrabExpress Car, a new on-demand delivery service aimed to cater for bulk deliveries to customers in Malaysia. All we need is YOU!

Fare & Comission

    • The minimum fare for all GrabExpress Car deliveries wil vary from city to city (please refer to in-app message on fares and incentive structure)
    • All GrabExpress Car Multi-Stop/Instant deliveries are subject to 20% commission.
    • All GrabExpress Same Day deliveries are 0% commission (only available in Klang Valley).

How to differentiate GrabExpress Car Multi-Stop/ Instant/ Same Day


How to get GrabExpress Car?

Click on the button below to take the training on GrabAcademy!

Once you have completed the training, we will activate GrabExpress Car on your account and the service type will be toggled on automatically so you can start earning more (you can always toggle it off whenever you want).

GrabExpress Car FAQ

It is an on-demand delivery service that we are currently running to provide convenience to our customers. By booking on the app, you can send items such as documents, parcels, and gifts to your business partners, family and friends.
GrabExpress Car is a new service from Grab that uses cars to accommodate bigger parcels.
During this lockdown period, we expect most bookings to be from sellers or charity organizations sending food, medicine or masks to those in need. Deliveries might involve sending one bulk item or many packages to multiple drop-offs. Don’t worry, we have strict policies on the kinds of items the sender can deliver.
Drivers are paid based on total distance travelled and number of drop-offs required by the sender.
Click on the ‘Start GrabAcademy Training’ button to complete the training. Stay tuned, we will notify you once we activate GrabExpress Car on your account.

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Food Deliveries via Car

Due to high demand, we have already added the GrabFood Car service type to the accounts of our driver-partners.

Here are essential things you need to know about GrabFood Car during this trial period:

Peak Hours

Fare & Commission

  • The minimum fare for all GrabFood Car deliveries will vary from city to city (Please refer to in-app message on fares and incentive structure)
  • All GrabFood Car deliveries are 0% commission

Before toggling on GrabFood Car, please ensure you:

  • Have plastic containers or baskets to store food orders in your car
  • Please sanitise the baskets or plastic containers as frequently as possible

When picking up a GrabFood order from restaurants, please ensure you:

  • Find parking and then head to the restaurant or store location to pick up the order
  • If you are unable to find parking, please find a good area to wait and call the restaurant or store using the phone number in the pick-up instructions
  • You MUST place the food order in the plastic container or baskets on front passenger seat

When delivering the GrabFood Order to customers, please ensure you:

  1. You always make the effort to deliver to their doorsteps whenever it’s possible because GrabFood has always been a door-to-door delivery service.
  2. If you have to deliver to a condominium or office building, and there are no available parking spots nearby and/or you are not allowed to go up to deliver, please send them the following GrabChat message (we recommend to add it to your GrabChat template):
  • (ENG) Hi, I am a Grabcar driver delivering your food order. Can you please come down to the lobby to collect your order? Thank you!
  • (BM) Hai, saya menghantar pesanan anda menggunakan kereta. Sila datang ke lobi untuk mengambilnya. Terima kasih!
  • (ZH) 您好,我是一名使用汽车为您送餐的司机伙伴,请您来到大厅领取您的食物。谢谢!

We strongly urge you to go through the training materials to be fully prepared. Click the button below to start.

Important notes:

  • Fares and incentives are subject to change during this trial period
  • If Grab receives reports of food orders that are not stored in the plastic container or basket, we will investigate and disciplinary actions will be taken.

Continue reading “Food Deliveries via Car”

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MySejahtera QR Code Method

Step 1: Download the MySejahtera application or browse

New Sign Up : https://mysejahtera.malaysia.gov.my/checkin/

Login https://mysejahtera.malaysia.gov.my/checkin/signIn

Step 2: Use your phone number or email address to register an account (Sign Up)

Step 3: Enter the one-time password (OTP)

Step 4: Fill in the business name, contact person’s name, current address, postal code and state information, and then click Submit

Step 5: QR Code will be obtained

After completing the registration, the merchant can print out the dimension code and display it in the place for customers and visitors to scan for registration.

New Sign Up : https://mysejahtera.malaysia.gov.my/checkin/

Login : https://mysejahtera.malaysia.gov.my/checkin/signIn



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