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GrabFood Merchant FAQs

GrabFood is our food delivery service that brings great food from local restaurants, straight to the doorsteps of hungry customers. Via our self pick up service, customers also have the option to pick up their food from the restaurant themselves
We help drive additional business to your restaurant or stall! Working with us allows you to tap into millions of hungry customers on Grab, allowing you to extend your business into the online space!
You will need to provide the following documents to become a Merchant-partner: Copy of Business Documents – SSM Form D or 9,24,49 Copy of identification card (IC) / passport of the director who is signing the agreement (Colour, Front, and Back) – (UBO director must have a minimum of 25% share on SSM) Copy of Bank Account Statement Header Copy of Brand Logo Copy of Store Front Photo with permanent sign board and brand logo Copy of In-Store Menu with Price Gmail Email Address (Unique gmail for each outlet for Device Log In) Copy of Business License (If applicable) Copy of Halal Certification (If applicable) Copy of SST Certification (If applicable) Copy of Insurance Policy (If applicable) View sample :
Register your interest on the short form above. Please ensure to fill in the details as accurate as possible. A Grab representative will reach out to you via email to complete your registration. Thus please ensure to always check your emails for next step updates from us after registering. Please prepare the required documents “What do I need to become a GrabFood Merchant-partner?” View sample :
Service Fee: There is a service fee of 30% on all GrabFood (Food Delivery) orders & 20% for GrabFood (Self-Pick Up). This is charged on every order you receive through Grab, through both deliver and Self Pick-Up orders. Please note that this service fee is subject to prevailing SST. *Merchant may request to discuss the service fee’s with sales representatives but please note that commercial terms changes subject to Grab’s discretion*
The service fee collected by Grab ensures our delivery partners are fairly paid and enables us to provide platform services for online food ordering and delivery. The majority of our Merchant-Partners service fee goes towards paying our delivery-partners. We believe our delivery partners need this boost to cover their time, distance travelled and efforts adequately. We pay the majority of our service fee to our delivery-partners, on top of the delivery fee paid by customers, which also goes to them. The remainder, if any, is used to cover operating costs, which includes delivery partner insurance, safety equipments (facemask etc), GrabRewards, cashless payment transaction costs (eg. credit card charges of 1% to 3% of the transaction value), product and service improvements, marketing cost and backend manpower like customer service for merchants, consumers and delivery partners.
Yes, Merchant shall guarantee that all Retail Prices of Meals offered on the Grab App are substantially similar to the prices offered by Merchant to customers through its own platform, channel or facility. If you choose to list combo/set menus to sell on GrabFood, please ensure that the items are available as ala-carte items in your in-store menu. Combo prices should be consistent as the sum of the ala carte prices in store. Please use our Excel menu template to create your combo menu here:
No, at this moment we require a store front photo (with permanent sign board & brand logo) on the main door or the pick up location. This is to ensure physical pick up location is available for our delivery partner to collect the food.
We encourage contactless payments, especially during this period. Therefore, when signing up for GrabFood the sign up form would also include the GrabPay service which allows merchant partners to be eligible to accept GrabPay in-store. All your GrabPay transactions will go to your wallet so you can keep track of your earnings with just a glance. *Do note, there is a 1% transaction fee for all GrabPay transactions.

GrabFood Merchants Registration Form | 注册成为商家伙伴

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