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  1. How much is the total cost I am expecting to be a GrabFood rider?

    • The total cost is RM150+ Typhoid Immunisation cost. For starting, RM50 of E-Pay topup, RM100 will be deducted via your completed trips later (RM50x 2 weeks).

  2. Will I receive Jacket or Helmet for GrabFood?

    • Yes, Applicants will be given a complete GrabFood kit upon appointment of kit collection.

  3. Can I change my GrabFood bag?

    • Yes. If delivery-partners have met below work requirement:

      1. Above 9-months = FREE

      2. Below 9-months = RM150

  4. Can I change my service type from HALAL to NON HALAL to GrabExpress?

    • No, Riders are NOT ALLOWED to change their service type. Riders have to adhere to all the current service type available. Bags specifically for HALAL, NON-HALAL and GrabExpress services will be provided. Kindly refer to collection centre admin for more information.

  5. Can I change my operating city?

    • Yes. After you have completed 20 trips within a month and active for a minimum of three (3) months.

  6. Can I operate outside of my registered city (Ur City) ?

    • No you cannot.

  7. Payment method for GrabFood?

    • All payments will only be completed in GrabPay and Cash. 

  8. Are there any work schedule from GrabFood riders like other companies

    • No. As a GrabFood rider, you can online anytime you want as long it is inside hotspot and busy hours. Just stay online in your application and standby at any hotspot.

  9. Background issues such as criminal case, police case, court case, dangerous driving summons.

    • All new riders MUST HAVE clean background and do not have more than three (3) summons in a year or nine (9) in 3-years.

  10. I have worked for GrabCar/ GrabFood/ GrabTaxi/ UberEAT. What should I do now?

    • You should contact Grab Existing Partner support 0327881300 for your account status. You DO NOT have to register new account.

  11. I want to register GrabFood for my restaurant. I do not want to register GrabFood rider.

  12. I would like to sign up as GrabCar driver. Where do I sign up?

    • You may sign up as a GrabCar driver via the link below.

Grab Driver Registration | GRAB 司机注册

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